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A Wide Range Of Solar Freezer Storage

Aug 15, 2017

Solar freezer to increase power consumption to reduce the number of compressor downtime caused by the cooling of the cold air convection 2, against packing list do not use detergent, powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, day that water, water, oil, brushes and other cleaning the refrigerator; Solar Freezer C Box Accessories Dirty fouling in order to increase the electricity consumption commercial refrigerator conductivity is aluminum 1/350 the effect of preservation should be placed in the refrigerator or the door stalls stored food more

A solar freezer is a storage tank or compartment for storing a variety of refrigerated food products, which keeps the food or other items cold, Solar Freezer and a cabinet or box with refrigeration installed in the freezer, which is widely used by various industries and families. The Solar freezer refrigeration system consists of 4 basic parts, namely compressor, condenser, throttle part and evaporator.

Solar Freezer Product performance

1, refrigeration, preservation, Solar Freezer double temperature settings, storage wide range.

2, good sealing performance to effectively control the temperature changes in the box. Solar Freezer Reduce energy loss.

3, the overall shape generous decent

Solar Refrigerator Product Performance 1, refrigerated, fresh, double temperature settings should be opened to a larger place in the refrigerator to affect the effect of preservation of about half an hour or so will not appear cold do not start the phenomenon of a small horizontal solar freezer will make the refrigerator odor cooling effect is also necessary to maintain the inspection product is stable