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Advantages Of Solar Air Conditioning

Jun 24, 2020

1. Advanced composite superconducting energy storage converter: the device uses the temperature change energy storage superconducting liquid developed by the research and development personnel of Qingda middle school for three years to store the energy generated by various energy devices connected with it and output after conversion. The temperature-dependent energy storage superconducting liquid is made of non-polar active metals and their compounds through scientific composition design. The liquid has super conventional thermal activity and low-temperature conductivity, its heat transfer speed is three times that of ordinary water, and its heat capacity is large. It is especially suitable for solar energy collector. It can absorb heat and store energy in the day and release heat at night, which changes the time difference of solar energy generation.

2. Superconducting solar collector: it uses the principle of superconducting solar collector to collect and conduct the scattered solar radiation energy to the indoor cooling and heating distribution system to provide room heating. The system can also be independently applied to drying of agricultural and sideline products, drying of boards in wood factories, drying of chemical raw materials, and warming of greenhouse.

3. Biomass heat generator: it is a hot water generating device for burning biomass straw and biomass compression block, waste furniture and other materials. All the fuels used are renewable biological resources and belong to the category of renewable energy. Promoting the use of renewable biomass energy technology and products has high economic benefits and far-reaching social significance

4. Superconducting ground source refrigeration system: using the low temperature energy of the ground source in summer, the air in the room can be cooled directly through the superconducting system to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.