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Advantages Of Solar Air Conditioning

Jun 24, 2020

Solar air conditioning has good seasonal adaptability, that is to say, the cooling capacity of the system increases with the increase of solar radiation energy, which is just in line with the urgent demand of people for air conditioning in summer.

The traditional compression refrigerator uses freon as the medium, which has a great destructive effect on the atmosphere, while the refrigerator uses non-toxic and harmless water or lithium bromide as the medium, which is very beneficial to environmental protection;

Solar energy air conditioning system can combine cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water supply in other seasons, which significantly improves the utilization rate and economy of solar energy system.

As the temperature of the earth's surface rises year by year, people's demand for air conditioning in summer is more and more intense. The installation of air conditioning has become a wave of consumption in most areas of China. We believe that the solar energy air conditioning system can give full play to the comprehensive advantages of cooling in summer, heating in winter and providing hot water throughout the year, and will achieve remarkable economic, social and environmental benefits, with a broad application prospect.