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Application Prospect Of Solar Refrigerator

Sep 27, 2017

Solar refrigerators mainly include solar photovoltaic refrigerators and solar semiconductors. Solar refrigerators are based on the traditional traditional compression refrigerator developed by the solar cells, controllers, batteries and refrigerators and other components. As the internal structure of solar photovoltaic refrigerator with the traditional refrigerator the same, but the power supply device to solar cells, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator so it is relatively simple to achieve.

Solar refrigerators use natural solar energy to convert electricity into electricity, set up in the refrigerator box solar panels, solar energy collected in the outdoor into electrical energy, and stored in the battery. Solar refrigerators use low-voltage power supply, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator DC compressor directly from the solar panel power supply, thereby reducing the DC / AC (DC / AC) inverter conversion link, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator improve the energy efficiency. If you encounter rainy days, the battery will continue to provide energy for the refrigerator.

Application Prospect of Solar Refrigerator

The use of traditional refrigerators need to consume a lot of conventional energy, indirect pollution caused by the environment more and more serious. From the current stage of China's energy supply and environmental protection needs, the development of the use of clean energy refrigerator will be the trend. In addition, many remote areas and nomads in China have not yet been included in the power supply network, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator there is no condition to use the refrigerator to save food, which also for the development of solar refrigerators to provide a potential market.

However, there are various factors at this stage to limit the wide range of solar refrigerator technology. On the one hand, due to the low efficiency of solar energy, high prices, and by the aging effect, for the relative concentration of residential buildings, the installation of the collector will be greatly limited; the other hand, solar refrigeration in many forms, but on The current research situation, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator the various forms of refrigeration systems are inadequate. How to further improve the operating efficiency of the system and the joint operation of various refrigeration cycles are the focus of future research areas. With the development of new materials and new technologies for the design of solar refrigerator system, the research and application of solar energy in refrigerator refrigeration will be greatly developed under the support of government energy saving and environmental protection and home appliances.

I believe that the current consumption of a large number of electric power to drive the traditional refrigerator technology has become increasingly perfect, simply from the high efficiency, energy saving, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator energy saving aspects of the refrigerator is difficult to have a great breakthrough in technological innovation, but the solar refrigerator there is a big room for development, Will be a future direction of the refrigerator industry. The development of solar refrigerator is a major innovation in the refrigerator industry, for the entire refrigerator industry chain to upgrade the technology has a huge role in promoting, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator and for environmental protection, energy conservation and so make a significant contribution.