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Design Features Of Solar Air Conditioning System

Jun 04, 2020

(1) Organic combination of solar energy and building

The overall design of the whole solar energy museum can meet the requirements of collector installation even though the building is beautiful and novel. According to this principle, the south facade of the building adopts a large inclined roof structure. One is that the area of the inclined plane is much larger than that of the plane, and more collectors can be arranged; the other is that when the collector is arranged on the inclined plane, there is no need to consider the problem of front and back shielding, and the shape is also very beautiful. The inclination angle of the inclined roof is 35 °, which is close to the local latitude, which is conducive to the full play of the collector.

(2) Heat pipe vacuum tube collector improves the efficiency of cooling and heating

The heat pipe vacuum tube collector is a major scientific and technological achievement of Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute. It has many advantages, such as high efficiency, freeze resistance, fast start, good heat preservation, high pressure bearing, heat shock resistance, and operation reliability. It is an important component of high-performance solar air conditioning system. The heat pipe type vacuum tube collector can provide 88 ℃ heat medium water for the efficient LiBr refrigerator, so as to improve the refrigeration efficiency of the whole system; the collector can also work effectively in the cold winter in the north, heating the buildings.

(3) Two large and small heat storage tanks speed up the daily cooling or heating process

According to the inherent characteristics of solar irradiance changes in a day, the heat storage tank can not only make the system run stably, but also store the surplus energy in the form of hot water during the peak of solar irradiation. The difference between the system and the general solar air conditioning system is that two large and small heat storage tanks are set up. The small heat storage tank is mainly used to ensure the quick start of the system. The test results show that the water temperature in the small heat storage tank can reach 88 ℃ and 60 ℃ respectively in summer and winter sunny morning, so as to meet the requirements of refrigeration and heating.

(4) The special cooling water storage tank reduces the heat loss of the system

Although the heat storage tank can store energy, its capacity is limited after all. This system specially designed a cold water storage tank. In the case of abundant solar irradiation in the daytime, the refrigerant water produced by the refrigerator can be stored in the cooling water storage tank, which has the advantage that the heat loss of the system in this case is obviously much lower than that in the form of heat medium water stored in the heat storage tank, because the temperature difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature of the refrigerant water in summer is significantly lower than that between the temperature of the heat medium water and the ambient temperature.

(5) The auxiliary boiler enables the system to run all day

The operation of all solar systems is inevitably affected by climate conditions. In order to make the system can play the function of air conditioning and heating all day, auxiliary conventional energy is essential. The auxiliary oil fired hot water boiler is selected for the solar air conditioning system. When the solar radiation is insufficient in the daytime and the cold or heat needs to be used continuously at night, the auxiliary boiler can be started immediately to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system.

(6) Automatic control of system operation and switching between working conditions

In the system of using solar energy to partially replace conventional energy, the automation of system start-up, energy storage and switching between solar energy and conventional energy is particularly important; in addition, the system is equipped with several water storage tanks, how to automatically start different water tanks and walk different pipelines under different working conditions is also the key to the normal operation of the system; moreover, the sun The energy system shall also be able to solve the problems of automatic anti overheating and anti freezing. Therefore, we designed a set of safe and functional automatic control system for the solar air conditioning system.