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Development And Utilization Of Solar Refrigerator

Jul 24, 2017

Solar Freezer Installation Matters

1, should be placed away from the heat source, not directly in the sun, because the work requires heat exchange with the outside world, both through the condenser to the outside world, the higher the ambient temperature, the more slow cooling, will make refrigerators and solar refrigerator working time longer, increase power consumption, refrigeration effect is poor.

2, should be placed in a small area of humidity, due to refrigerators, solar refrigerator shell, condenser and compressors are metal materials, if the air humidity is too large, will make these components rust, Solar Freezer shorten the life of the refrigerator. At the same time, humid overheating environment, will cause solar refrigerator surface condensation, affecting the performance of electrical appliances.

3, should be placed in a well-ventilated place, if the solar refrigerator surrounded by debris, Solar Freezer or near the wall too close to the heat dissipation will affect the cooling effect. Solar refrigerator top should have at least 30CM height of space, back and two sides should be left with at least 10CM of space to benefit from heat dissipation.

4, should be placed on the flat and solid ground, and keep the compressor level. This is not only for security purposes, but also allows the compressor to work smoothly, reducing vibration and noise.

5, should not be placed in places where the temperature is too low. Because the temperature is too low, the compressor start-up difficulties, Solar Freezer so that the solar freezer freezer cooling room is poor, can not be overcome, the refrigerator can open the freezer temperature compensation switch.

6, should not be placed in flammable, explosive and corrosive substances in the environment. At the same time do not place such items inside.

7, the upper part of the solar refrigerator do not place heavy objects, Solar Freezer in case the switch causes the object to fall, so that the family injured

Experts pointed out that at present, China is striding forward to a greener and more sustainable development model, which is expected to drive the global renewable energy industry development. As a refrigeration enterprise, we should seize a rare opportunity to accelerate the development and utilization of renewable energy, Solar Freezer such as solar refrigerators, in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and rapid development.

It is understood that photovoltaic modules are the key components of solar refrigerators, at present, the conversion efficiency of the PV module is only about 16%, as a well-known refrigeration professional, freezer king, in the solar refrigeration technology development and utilization has led the industry development, through the special technology to the photovoltaic components of the bold innovation, Solar Freezer greatly improve the light transmittance, reduce the light reflectivity, so that the conversion efficiency of PV modules increased 1 time times; In the aspect of energy supply, the energy loss is greatly reduced by adopting the adaptive Direct channel control mechanism. Increased energy utilization by 10%.

The introduction of a highly integrated solar freezer system, the entire system of input energy for the light, through the control and conversion of the ultimate refrigeration purposes. Solar Freezer The system is deeply explored in three aspects, such as absorption and conversion of light energy, logic and intellectualization of control, storage and efficient utilization of energy, greatly enhance the system's energy utilization, expand the control of the redundancy, for people's outdoor activities, remote areas and the use of restricted occasions and areas of the people to store food, medicine provides convenience, improve their living standards and medical conditions. The success of the advent of the industry and the success of the solar refrigerator, has aroused widespread concern in the industry and society.