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High Efficiency Of Solar Freezer

Aug 03, 2017

The solar freezer has the advantages of reliable working, convenient operation, high efficiency, saving resources, convenient outdoor placing, effective refrigeration and heat insulation, and has high practical value.

Solar Freezer application of light energy, chemical energy, wind fluid, Solar Freezer high voltage electrostatic, molecular movement and other energetic combination and energy conversion technology, and at the same time the use of optical tube and the two technical forms of stuffy sun intersection, fully complete the production of heat, refrigeration, oxygen and other tasks, to ensure that no matter in the north-south, Solar Freezer summer and winter and what kind of weather, all day and night to optimize the use, change the traditional completely rely on electricity, compressors, freon work form, save energy, green environmental protection, will lead the direction of the

Solar refrigerators in the summer when refrigeration, but also to replace solar water heaters, provide hot water cooking, bathing. The use of sunlight to produce ionic oxygen, exchange of air, Solar Freezer increase indoor oxygen content.

Solar refrigerator front and side of the use of solar panels, and compression and absorption refrigeration technology combined, through photovoltaic power, storage can be normal operation, and the need for higher performance expansion, you can access the mains.

Solar freezer adopts intelligent temperature control, the accuracy can reach 0.1 ℃. Solar Freezer The use of optimized overlapping refrigeration technology, half natural convection, half air-cooled. Also has the keyboard lock and the password protection function, applies in the research institute, Solar Freezer

the Electron Chemical industry, the bioengineering, the hospital and the food industry.

Solar Freezer Features

1. The use of DC compressor refrigeration technology, Solar Freezer dc12v/24v automatic identification.

Direct-current electricity, such as solar energy, can be used. AC power can also be used through adapters

2. Low Voltage Protector

3. Built-in thermostat, can adjust the temperature in the refrigerator according to the demand

4. The refrigeration temperature can reach the Celsius, the refrigeration effect is strong.

5. The bottom has the movable pulley, facilitates the transportation.