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Integral Solar Street Lights For A Wide Range

Jun 28, 2017

One of the six major advantages of solar street lights

Advantage 1: environmental protection

Compared with the traditional street lights integrated solar street lights mainly by the sun during the day into electricity into electricity, the evening release of electricity for lighting use. Completely free of other energy, and solar energy is recognized as the world's most environmentally friendly energy, so the pollution in one solar street light pollution index is almost 0, its only pollution is the battery. All in One Solar Street Light But under normal circumstances, the battery appears to pollute the environment is very low probability, and can not be used when the recovery.

Advantage two: security

City circuit lights generally use 220v or 380v voltage for power supply lighting, such as city lights appear damaged or failure will appear when the leakage, the risk of fire. And one solar street lights used 12-24v low voltage power supply, voltage stability, reliable operation, All in One Solar Street Light there will be no security risks.

Advantage three: energy saving

Integral solar street light energy supply is the sun, solar energy for our human beings is inexhaustible energy, the general city of the street because of the use of alternating current, in order to supply the evening lighting will consume a lot of energy.

Advantage four: long-term investment less

From now on if you buy the price of the city street lights is much lower than the price of one solar street lights, but the electricity of the secondary or three times the investment will be great, such as control box, cable, engineering, running electricity, maintenance, etc. Solar street lights one-time investment, All in One Solar Street Light there is no maintenance costs, generally about 2 years to recover the cost.

Advantage 5: easy to install

Installation of solar lights when the construction of a very low, no furrow buried line, without the need to build power stations around, just install the cement base, can be fixed with stainless steel, and even integrated solar street lights can be in the existing poles or walls On the installation, All in One Solar Street Light the installation process will not exceed 10 minutes, one day can be installed more than 50.

Advantage 6: installation and application of a wide range

One of the solar street lights installed almost no geographical restrictions, whether it is mountain, grassland, field, where there is sunshine where can install one solar street light, especially for green landscape lighting equipment, high-grade residential and outdoor lighting, tourist attractions coastal landscape Lighting and embellishment, industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprises street lights, the major institutions of outdoor lighting.

Of course, one of the solar street lights now have their own shortcomings, with the country more and more attention to new energy and green energy under the premise of the various solar manufacturers will vigorously develop and solve existing shortcomings, and continue to play one of the advantages of solar street lights. All in One Solar Street Light So that one truly popular solar street lights up.