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Introduce A Few Tips For Defrosting The Freezer

Jul 18, 2020

Freezer defrosting tips-Method 1: Before putting frozen food, put a layer of plastic film on the wall of the freezer. With the cold air of the freezer, it can be easily applied and then put in the food to freeze. When you need to defrost, quickly move the frozen food into the refrigerator for temporary storage. As long as you tear off the plastic film in the freezer, the frost will be removed quickly, and then apply the shaken film to freeze the food again. . The time required before and after is only one or two minutes, which is very time-saving, trouble-saving and power-saving.  

Freezer defrosting tips-Method 2: After each defrosting, dry the freezer with a towel, and then apply a layer of vegetable oil on the surrounding aluminum wall. When the next frost is formed, it will adhere to the oily components. The suction force between the refrigerator wall, frost and the refrigerator wall is greatly reduced, so you can easily peel off the agglomerates without much effort.  

Freezer defrosting tips-Method 3: When you need to defrost, first cut off the power supply of the refrigerator, and then use an electric fan or hair dryer to open the freezer to the maximum position. After the wind blows, the frost layer will melt very much. Quickly, it will be easier to clean up.