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Introduction Of Solar Refrigerator

Jun 12, 2020

Because the internal structure of solar photovoltaic refrigerator is the same as the traditional refrigerator, only the power supply device is changed to solar cell, so it is relatively simple to realize. It has been reported that many experimental results show that after the traditional AC refrigerator is transformed into a DC refrigerator suitable for photovoltaic solar energy system, all components can operate normally and the refrigerator can work normally. In China, there are many researches on solar photovoltaic refrigerators, and some progress has been made. In 2007, the Journal of solar energy reported Liu Qunsheng's research results on the operation performance of a photovoltaic DC refrigerator system. The only power source of the system is solar energy, which uses a DC compressor, and the system is equipped with a battery. The experimental results show that the lowest temperature of the freezer can reach - 16 ℃, the freezer can reach 0 ~ 10 ℃, and the operation rate is 48% when it works at 25 ℃. As early as 1997, Huang Fulin applied the new digital SPWM modulation mode to the frequency conversion circuit of solar photovoltaic refrigerator, and realized the automatic control of refrigerator temperature.

In the research of solar energy semiconductor refrigerators, Zou Jinping and Luo Bin of Gansu Institute of natural energy have written articles to introduce the basic structure of solar cell driven semiconductor refrigeration refrigerator system, established the theoretical model of solar cell driven semiconductor refrigerators, and carried out numerical simulation of the system performance, analyzed the solar radiation intensity and the change of environmental wind speed on the sun The influence of energy semiconductor refrigeration system performance.