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Introduction To Solar Air Conditioning

Jun 19, 2020

Under the environment of global warming, solar energy, as an outstanding representative of new energy, is favored by all countries in the world. Under the trend of low carbon and energy saving, solar energy mainly based on light and heat technology has been applied to various industries and is constantly improving the energy structure. With the national policy support for the solar energy industry, various manufacturing and application fields of solar energy technology are emerging vigorous business opportunities, and a series of solar energy products are gradually stepping into people's lives. Now the major manufacturers have launched solar air conditioning, solar air conditioning is widely considered as a broad prospect but in the short term difficult to market the new air conditioning units, once again by the industry attention.

On a hot summer day, air conditioners account for almost a third of the electricity consumed by the entire power system. This is summer

Solar air conditioning

Solar air conditioning

One of the reasons the power system is overwhelmed. So solar-powered air conditioning has been a big lure from the start. Using solar energy refrigeration and general electric refrigeration principle is the same, but the energy used is different, so it brings some structural changes. There are many ways of solar refrigeration, such as compression refrigeration, steam jet refrigeration, absorption refrigeration.

General solar thermal utilization projects, such as heating and hot water, are not exactly consistent with solar energy supply in terms of demand: when the weather is colder and people need more warmth, solar energy supply is often insufficient. From this point of view, the application of solar air conditioning is the most reasonable: when the solar radiation is stronger, the weather is hotter, we need more air conditioning load. This is the most favorable objective factor for the application of solar air conditioning.

The current solar air-conditioning technology is various, mainly absorption refrigeration and photovoltaic power driven refrigeration. The more mature technology is lithium bromide - hydraulic quality to absorption refrigeration, which has been applied in some demonstration projects now and the effect is ideal. Due to the variety of solar air conditioning technology, maturity is different, so its industrialization process is slow. But it is undeniable that, with the tilt of energy policy to clean energy, the popularization of solar air conditioning has a bright future. It will be a strategic decision to invest in solar air conditioning projects and occupy the market in the early stage.