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One Solar Street Lamp Eliminates A Large Number Of Installation Costs

Oct 23, 2017

One solar street lamp is widely concerned about the energy-saving products, it and ordinary street lamp is the biggest difference is no need to pay electricity, All in One Solar Street Light in addition to the integration of the characteristics of solar street lamps, it broke through the traditional street lamp many limitations, the following simple analysis of the integration of solar street characteristics.

0 Power consumption

Ordinary street lamps need to access the power grid, the monthly need to pay electricity, and long-term to the complex wiring and other configuration maintenance and replacement, maintenance costs will increase year by month. One Solar street lamp is completely without power consumption, 0 electricity, All in One Solar Street Light energy-saving environmental protection, product solid and reliable, maintenance-free.

II. Ease of installation

Integrated Solar street lamps using innovative integrated design, solar panels, batteries, lamp modules, controllers, infrared sensors set in one, easy to transport and installation, no customers to reassemble their own products. Only need a cement base, fixed with screws can, All in One Solar Street Light save a lot of installation costs.

III. Product life expectancy of up to 8 years

Integrated Solar street lamps are used in line with the European RoHS requirements of the efficient lithium iron phosphate battery, non-polluting, lightweight, large capacity, combined with the exclusive battery management technology, is the only solar street lamp battery life of up to 8 years, than the same type of street lamp products to long, but also this greatly reduces the cost of customer repair.

With the country's new energy-saving Environmental Protection Society's recommendation, solar lighting gradually replace the mains street, this energy-saving environmental protection products listed by the whole society's attention, and with the development of solar energy, lithium integrated Solar street lamps are also gradually known. One solar street lamp is relative to the split type Solar street lamp, All in One Solar Street Light simply say is to put the battery board, battery, controller, LED light source centralized into one, make a lamp, and then configure the lamp rod or picker installation.

Solar integration of the main characteristics of street lamps is easy to install, can be said to be a fool-type installation, will screw will be installed, eliminating the traditional split solar street lamps need to install battery plate bracket, the installation of lamp, the production of battery pits and other steps, greatly saving labor costs and construction costs. Integrated Solar street lamps in the design of the performance has been upgraded,

One solar street lamp is characterized by integrated design: the solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, intelligent controller and LED light board design in one; humanized design: The system embedded the most advanced induction technology: Microwave radar or human body pyroelectric induction light control, timing, microwave, All in One Solar Street Light timing plus microwave, automatic and demonstration, and many other working modes, Single-key control of the remote, switch the mode of operation freely.