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Principles Of Operation Of Solar Air - Conditioning

Jun 14, 2017

Solar air conditioning is not a product of new technology, it is only the air-conditioning drive energy with solar power to make part of the supplement. As the solar energy storage equipment is expensive, short life, so the solar air conditioning are not using electricity reserves, which determines the use of solar air conditioning in the process of energy saving has great limitations.

Air conditioning is a high-power products, if the use of solar power to add electricity on the need for a large area of light area, the installation process can imagine the difficulty. In fact, the larger the solar panels, the greater the power generation, Solar Air Conditioner but the large area of the battery on the one hand will cause inconvenience in the installation, on the other hand, if installed on the appearance of the panel, the city's tolerance How will it be a test.

Solar air conditioning in the short term is difficult to spread in the final analysis or technical problems, only to enhance the technical level, in order to produce quality assurance of solar air conditioning, in order to reduce production costs and improve consumer acceptance. However, with some well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions into the field of solar air-conditioning research and development and production, solar air conditioning or will usher in development opportunities.

In recent years, with the continuous development of industrialization, environmental pollution is becoming increasingly serious, the energy crisis has become a threat to human survival of the top priority, how to solve this problem, has become the subject of all mankind. In this context, Solar Air Conditioner to environmental protection and energy conservation as the main features of the green building and the corresponding air conditioning system came into being. Solar air conditioning as a new form of new energy use, in order to be able to achieve the building of heating, cooling, hot water, a number of demand functions, and gradually get demonstration and promotion.

Solar air conditioning system takes into account the two aspects of heating and cooling applications, integrated office hug, guest houses, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, aquaculture, family, etc., winter and even throughout the year need heating, such as hot water, heating, swimming pool water Heat conditioning, etc., and the summer need refrigeration, solar air conditioning is the ideal application object. At present, countries around the world are stepping up the study of solar air conditioning technology. According to the survey, has been or is establishing a solar air conditioning system in countries and regions such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Solar Air Conditioner the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on. This is because the developed countries, air-conditioning energy consumption in the annual civilian energy consumption occupies a large proportion of the use of solar-powered air-conditioning system to save conventional energy and protect the natural environment is of great significance.

Principles of operation of solar air - conditioning

6.1 system cold source: the choice of refrigeration capacity of 35.2kW lithium bromide absorption refrigeration unit (WFC) one, to provide cooling system, absorption refrigeration unit installed in the ground floor of the air conditioning room.

6.2 system heat source: lithium bromide absorption refrigeration unit required heat and system winter heating heat provided by the solar system, the collector installed in the disaster relief center two-story roof, collector circulation pump installed in the ground floor air conditioning room, the whole system using temperature difference Cycle, when the bottom of the storage tank temperature and collector outlet temperature difference of 8 ℃ or more, the corresponding collector cycle pump start; when the bottom of the storage tank temperature and the collector outlet temperature temperature difference below 3 ℃, the corresponding The collector circulation pump stops. Solar Air Conditioner Roofing system piping slope of 0.005, slope for the return water riser.

6.3 air conditioning water system: the secondary pump fixed flow dual control system, is divided into two circuits, respectively, the new air unit circuit and the end of the circuit. The cold water prepared by the refrigeration unit is transported by the WFC circulating pump into the water separator of the air conditioning room, and then the end circulating pump is sent into the end.

6.4 auxiliary energy system: When the solar energy is not enough to meet the cooling needs, by the air source heat pump unit to provide cooling or heat, Solar Air Conditioner air source heat pump unit installed in the disaster relief center two-story roof.

6.5 replenishment constant pressure system: the use of diaphragm-type pressure tank pressure and to accommodate the expansion of the water supply constant pressure system.

6.6 Pipeline antifreeze: The system uses emptying antifreeze.

6.7 anti-overheating system: When the collector system overheating, the use of air cooler cooling, air cooler installed in the two-tier roof heating system backwater trunk.