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Solar Air Conditioner Has High Economic Benefit

Oct 23, 2017

Solar air conditioning in refrigeration is the use of the solar collector for the refrigerator generator to work with the need for the heat medium water, the higher the temperature of the heat medium, its refrigerator performance coefficient is higher, the air conditioning refrigeration efficiency also increases. Solar Air Conditioner The solar air conditioner combined with the heat pipe vacuum collector and lithium bromide absorption refrigerant has opened up a new space for the full utilization of solar energy.

Solar air-conditioning in the winter when the heat, is the use of solar collectors to absorb the radiation, through the superconducting liquid transfer to the composite superconducting energy storage converters. It senses the temperature of the room to achieve the set value of air-conditioning, Solar Air Conditioner it will stop the wind, the temperature of the room is lowered, the air conditioner will continue to work, out of the air vent, in such a reciprocating cycle to achieve room heating. In the continuous cloudy weather, the solar biomass heat generator began to be put into use, automatically make up for the shortage of solar energy.

The working principle of air conditioner and the performance of air-conditioning are closely related, solar air-conditioning is composed of system heat pipe vacuum, lithium bromide absorption chiller, Solar Air Conditioner storage hot water tank, water storage tank and other systems combined.

Heat pipe vacuum tube collector has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast start-up and good insulation performance, and is an important part of solar air conditioner. The heat pipe vacuum can provide 88 degrees Celsius hot water for lithium bromide refrigerating machine, Solar Air Conditioner which improves the refrigeration efficiency of the whole solar air conditioner.

Advantages of solar Air-conditioning

1, the composite superconducting energy storage converter mainly utilizes the temperature change energy store superconducting fluid, which can store the energy generated by the connected various energy devices, and then output after conversion. This kind of material is very suitable for the solar collector device, Solar Air Conditioner it can heat up during the day, radiate at night, change the time lag that the solar energy produces.

2, superconducting solar collectors use the principle of superconducting heat transfer to disperse the solar radiation collection at the same time to the indoor cooling and dispersing system, providing a room for heating requirements.

3, Biomass heat generator is the combustion of biomass compression block of hot water production device, it uses the fuel is renewable biological resources, Solar Air Conditioner the use of this fuel has a very high economic benefits and far-reaching social significance.

Solar air-conditioning from the energy conversion can be divided into the following two kinds: the first is the solar photovoltaic ―― electric conversion refrigeration. That is, the use of photovoltaic conversion devices to convert solar energy into electricity first, and then use electric energy to drive ordinary refrigeration system to achieve refrigeration, namely, photoelectric semiconductor refrigeration and photoelectric compression refrigeration. Solar Air Conditioner The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency steam compression refrigeration technology, and its small refrigerator has been applied in some countries and regions with good sunshine and lack of power facilities.