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Solar Air Conditioning Is Very Environmentally Friendly

Aug 25, 2017

With the progress and development of science and technology, our living standards have also been greatly improved, a variety of high-tech products have greatly improved the comfort of our lives, in recent years, Solar Air Conditioner solar air conditioning is very popular, solar Air conditioning brand is very much, today Xiaobian to tell you about Gree working principle and technical characteristics of air conditioning.

Solar air conditioning is composed of solar panels and engines, and here the engine is responsible for the production of two cold air engine. The energy generated by the solar panels heats the heat and then generates steam, which is converted into mechanical energy by the booster, and then uses mechanical energy to drive the cooler. Solar Air Conditioner And then use the cooler to absorb the inside of the room because of moisture and the distribution of hot air, the absorption of hot air through the compression and expansion, Solar Air Conditioner reduced to about 20 degrees when the machine out into a cooling.

Solar and permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion centrifuge combined to develop a photovoltaic direct drive variable frequency centrifuge, can directly use solar power, improve the solar energy utilization, to optimize the building energy configuration, reduce building energy consumption, Solar Air Conditioner reduce the purpose of carbon dioxide emissions The This breakthrough has a epoch-making significance for the development of the refrigeration industry. On the follow-up to develop more energy-saving environmental protection, Solar Air Conditioner technology-leading products, thereby reducing energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, of great significance.

The most important feature of solar air conditioning is that in summer, the solar cell power generation and building load have a good match, air conditioning can maximize the use of solar energy for indoor cooling. During the peak summer electricity consumption, air conditioning power consumption accounted for a large proportion. In recent years, due to lack of power resources, Shanghai, Solar Air Conditioner Hangzhou and other places have repeatedly power cuts, this time if a large number of users to use solar energy, will greatly ease the nationwide shortage of electricity supply situation. While the winter, indoor heat load at night is greater than the day, the independent system configuration of the battery can be stored during the day excess of electricity for the night for indoor heating. Solar Air Conditioner Large-scale use of photovoltaic air-conditioning system can reduce the power grid during the peak hours of pressure, and energy-saving emission reduction is important.

Solar air-conditioning has a lot of advantages, is a very advanced technology products, Solar Air Conditioner very environmentally friendly, the emergence of solar air-conditioning will make our lives more quality.

The realization of solar air conditioning mainly rely on the heat of the sun for cooling and heating, generally can be divided into two kinds of absorption and adsorption. Absorption refrigeration technology is the use of absorbent absorption and evaporation characteristics of the cooling technology, Solar Air Conditioner according to the different absorbent, divided into ammonia-water absorption refrigeration and lithium bromide water absorption of two kinds of refrigeration