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Solar Fridge Green Environmental Protection

Sep 15, 2017

Solar refrigerators mainly include solar photovoltaic refrigerators and solar-powered semiconductor refrigerators. Solar photovoltaic refrigerators are developed on the basis of conventional compression refrigerators, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator which are composed of solar cells, controllers, batteries, refrigerators and other components. Because the internal structure of the solar photovoltaic refrigerator is the same as that of the traditional refrigerator, the power supply device is changed to a solar cell, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator so it is relatively simple to achieve.

Solar refrigerators are powered by natural solar energy converted into electricity, and solar panels are set up outside the refrigerator cabinets to collect solar energy from outside to convert into electricity and stored in batteries. The refrigerator uses low voltage power supply, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator the DC compressor is directly powered by the solar panel, thus reducing the AC (DC/AC) inverter conversion link, improving the power efficiency. If you encounter a rainy day, the battery will continue to provide energy for the refrigerator.

Solar refrigerators, including refrigerator body (1), refrigerator body (1) and solar cell (2) connection, refrigerator body (1) with switch (3) for switching power supply and solar power supply.

Solar refrigerators, more than a power supply, in the state power grid power outage, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator can be powered by solar cells, so that refrigerators can be uninterrupted work.

Solar refrigerators are developed on the basis of conventional compression refrigerators, consisting of solar cells, controllers, batteries and refrigerators. Among them, the internal structure of the solar refrigerator is the same as the traditional refrigerator, but the power supply is changed to solar power. However, Solar Freezer and Refrigerator how to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar energy, is the main focus of solar refrigerators 0 Therefore, it is urgent to provide a can increase the area of absorbing light, effectively improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic conversion, not only save energy, green environmental protection, but also simple structure, the use of convenient solar refrigerators.