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Solar LED Garden Lights Long Service Life

Nov 02, 2017

Solar LED garden lights are widely used in urban square, scenic parks, residential quarters, institutions of the factory, pedestrian street and other places of lighting decoration; in various forms, beautiful and elegant: easy installation and maintenance, without laying underground cable; Solar LED Garden Light no need to pay lighting electricity;

Work is stable and reliable; no management; long life; energy conservation: the ideal road and landscape lighting, is today's society to vigorously promote the use of green renewable energy products.

Solar LED Garden Light Features

1, energy saving:

The use of solar photovoltaic cells to provide electricity, solar energy as a green new energy, "inexhaustible, inexhaustible." Make full use of solar energy resources, Solar LED Garden Light to alleviate the conventional energy shortage situation has a positive meaning.

2, the installation is simple and convenient:

There is no need for a large number of basic projects such as laying cables such as ordinary street lamps. Solar LED Garden Light The poles need to have a base fixed, and all the lines and components need only to connect 5-6 interfaces to form a whole.

3, operation and maintenance costs low:

Solar LED garden lights use solar power, operating costs are almost zero. The entire system operation are automatic control,

No human intervention, almost no maintenance costs.

4, the lighting effect is good:

Light effect of 130lm \ W or more, near the butterfly wing rectangular spot, 50W LED light source brightness of more than 250 watts high pressure sodium lamp, energy saving effect is remarkable.

5, the whole long street lamp life:

Solar panels more than 25 years of service life, LED light source life of 50,000 hours or more, Solar LED Garden Light is the traditional lamp 5 to 10 times the normal use of the battery can guarantee 5-8 years.

6, anti-long time rainy weather:

Solar LED garden lights in the anti-rainy weather is conventional technology, Solar LED Garden Light the same configuration 3-5 times, do long rainy days up to 35 days

Solar LED garden lights configuration and technical parameters:

Height: 3 ~ 5M, hot galvanized, the appearance of spray treatment

Suitable light source: 7W ~ 35WLED lights, energy saving lamps and so on.

Daily work: 6 ~ 12H (can be designed according to requirements)

Rainy days: 6 ~ 8 days (according to the requirements of design)

Total luminous flux: 550lm ~ 4600lm Light effect: 60m / w ~ 143m / w

Illumination: 12lux ~ 26lux (can be designed according to the requirements) Wind resistance: 41.4m / s

Use temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +55 ℃

Battery panel: single / polysilicon high conversion efficiency of the battery, life ≥ 25 years.

Battery: valve-controlled sealed maintenance-free colloid, lead-acid batteries, solar dedicated, the service life of 3 to 7 years.

Controller: microcomputer intelligent controller, anti-overcharge, over discharge, Solar LED Garden Light light control open, time control off, life ≥ 5 years.

Battery box: mold compression molding, all sealed waterproof, Solar LED Garden Light have a better insulation effect, life ≥ 20 years.

Life: 8000 ~ 35000 hours.