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Solar LED Garden Lights Save Electricity

Jul 12, 2017

Solar LED Garden Light is a widely used outdoor lighting. Because the presence of solar LED courtyard lights to provide convenience to people's outdoor life, and solar LED garden lights maintenance is to better extend the life of solar LED garden lights, Solar LED Garden Light to play its lighting advantage. Today, Xiao Bian to talk about how the solar LED garden lights how to maintain.

Solar LED garden lights maintenance two steps:

First, the solar LED garden lights clean, because the solar LED garden lights are often exposed to the outside, often experienced wind and rain, so the general solar LED garden lights above the lamps will have more dust, so regularly wipe with a clean cloth To dust, to keep the lamps and lanterns clean as new. Solar LED Garden Light In the wipe of the time to pay attention to wipe in one direction, the action to maintain the appropriate moderate strength, and in the fragile parts of the clean when you have to remember the action softer, so as to avoid damage to multiple parts;

Second, the internal cleaning of the lamp, in some cases, the lamp manufacturers will clean the lamp. At this time, we must first ensure that the first turn off the solar LED garden lights, Solar LED Garden Light and then remove the lamp inside the lamp to do wiping, this step will be more secure. If you want to directly wipe, please be sure not to clockwise too tighten the lamp, otherwise the bulb will be too tight and peeling off.

To the sun for the energy, during the day through the sunlight to the solar panels to the battery charge, the battery to the load power supply at night, without the need for expensive and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of the lamp, safe and energy-saving pollution, Solar LED Garden Light no manual operation is stable and reliable, Save electricity from maintenance.

Solar LED garden lights generally small power, the typical lamp is 6w and 9w, by increasing the current way, you can do 12w power, the use of energy efficient light: energy-saving lamps, electrodeless lamps and LED lights

Solar LED courtyard lamp is mainly applied to urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, parks and other places with green lighting lighting;