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Solar Refrigerator

Oct 19, 2019

Solar photovoltaic refrigerator mainly includes solar photovoltaic refrigerator and solar semiconductor refrigerator. Solar photovoltaic refrigerator is developed on the basis of conventional compression refrigerator. It is composed of solar cell, controller, battery and refrigerator. Solar semiconductor refrigerator mainly include solar arrays, controller, battery and semiconductor refrigeration device and solar array in the surface of the sun or the top of the refrigerator, through the wires, one end connected to the Settings in the refrigerator positive side of the controller, the controller with setting in the fridge again on the other side of the semiconductor refrigeration device connected to the hot side of, on the other side with semiconductor refrigeration device directly connected to the cold end, set in the refrigerator storage battery end connected to the controller, the other end of the connection between the solar cell array and the controller.