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Solar Street Lights To Achieve Intelligent Control

May 31, 2017

With the continuous development of modern society, solar street lighting project has also been a lot of attention, the development of today, the street is not just lighting so simple, look at the solar street lights in more areas for the city, roads, garden parks and other beautiful Has been developed. Its solar landscape lights play a key role here, and now environmental facilities, public places, evening lighting is also useful to solar street lights, it not only has more advantages than the traditional street lamps, in the artistic, Solar LED Street Light ornamental and other aspects have to play Beautify the role of the city.

The top ten advantages of solar street light:

1, with the discharge rate correction control, different discharge rate with different termination voltage, the inherent characteristics of the battery.

2, the use of digital LED display and settings, Solar LED Street Light one-button operation to complete all settings, the use of convenient and intuitive

3, all control all use industrial chip and compact components, in the cold, high temperature, humid environment normal operation. At the same time the use of crystal control on time, so that more accurate on time and order.

4, Solar LED Street Light the charging circuit using dual MOS series control circuit, the circuit voltage loss than the use of diode circuit reduced by nearly half, charging PWM trance control, so that a substantial increase in charging efficiency, greatly increased electricity time.

5, two kinds of load working mode: pure light control, normally open mode, load light off time adjustable.

6, the parameters set with a power-down retention function, that is, system mode and control parameters and other important data are retained in the chip internal, Solar LED Street Light power loss is not lost, so that more convenient adjustment, the system work more reliable.

7, the scientific way of the battery RBI, when presented over time, the battery to promote the voltage charge, a compensation for the maintenance, the normal use of the use of direct charging and floating charge of the charging method to strengthen the battery life; At the same time with high precision temperature compensation, so that charging control more accurate.

8, with overcharge, over discharge, overload care and weird electronic short circuit care and anti-reverse care, all care does not damage any parts, do not burn insurance; Solar LED Street Light with TVS lightning protection, no jumper design, can improve the system reliable Sex, durability.

9, the use of micro-processor and special control algorithm to achieve the intelligent control.

10, LED visual display of solar cells, battery and load status, digital display adjustment parameters, allowing users to timely understand the system operating conditions, Solar LED Street Light and has a rich parameter settings, the user can set the appropriate working environment in accordance with the use of different ways.