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What Are The Characteristics Of Solar Lamps And Lanterns

Jul 01, 2019

Now the application of solar lamps is more and more extensive. The main application mode of solar lamps for photovoltaic power generation system in China is recognized and accepted by more and more people. Now the solar lamps are widely used in street lighting facilities. What characteristics does it have, let's look at it together, I hope we can understand more about solar lamps.

First, the working principle of solar lamps

Solar lamps are made use of the volt-effect principle of solar cells. In the daytime, solar cells absorb solar photon energy, charge the battery group through the controller, and the battery provides power to the dc lamp load at night. Dc controller in full sunshine or long-term rainy weather, can ensure the battery not because of overcharge or overdischarge damage, at the same time with light control, sound control, temperature compensation, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions.

Second, what are the characteristics of solar lamps

1, independent installation, no need to bury lines, backfill, save construction costs.

2. There is no need to add capacity equipment in the store, thus saving the expense of supporting equipment.

3. Solar lamps are automatically controlled, which does not require personnel management and saves management expenses.

4, do not use electricity, save electricity operating costs.

5, simple maintenance, safe use, no electric shock accident.

6, very energy efficient, direct conversion of sunlight into electricity.

7. Solar lamps are environmentally friendly, pollution-free and radiation-free.

8. The dc voltage used is 12V~36V, very safe, no electric shock, fire, etc.

9, simple installation, there will be no power failure and power restriction concerns, can be used in places without power.

10. Long service life, strong light efficiency, high efficiency energy-saving light source, long service life.

11, no need to pay electricity, low operating and maintenance costs.

12. Solar lamps are widely used in residential areas, schools, factories, scenic spots and other areas.

13. The replaced solar panels can be recycled.

14, high-grade, energy-saving, is the symbol of grade.

15, can avoid the landscape engineering transformation, material aging, abnormal power supply, water and electricity pipeline conflicts and other aspects of the security risks.