128L DC 12 Volt Solar Refrigerator Fridge

128L DC 12 Volt Solar Refrigerator Fridge
Product Details

Product Name: 128L DC 12 Volt Solar Refrigerator Fridge

Model NO.: BCD-128

How does the Solar Refrigerator & Freezer work? 

Solar panel is connected with a controller that controls the amount of power that charged for the battery. The controller monitors the charge of the battery and feeds the power to the battery until it is fully charged. The battery runs the 12v or 24v freezer & refrigerator.


(Note: 50-200 liter fit 12V solar freezer system, more than 200liter fit 24V)


What are the major components in the solar freezer system?

  • Solar Panel: The solar panel converts the sunshine to 12 volt DC power in storage in a battery.

  • Charge Controller: This controller manages the amount of power coming from the solar panel so that the battery can be properly charged, monitors the charge of the battery and.

  • Battery: The battery stores power when it is produced by the solar panel and supplies power to the compressor of freezer when it is needed. In other words, you charge the battery with the sunshine during the daytime and use the energy from the batteries during the night.

  • 12/24 volt DC freezer or refrigerator.

  • Cable and connector, including cable with connector from solar panel to controller, from battery to controller, and from controller to freezer. Usually the cable length from controller to freezer is 2m, and the cable length from solar panel to controller is 9m.If you need longer cable, please tell me in advance and we can customize      for you.

What are the assistant (optional) components in the solar freezer system?

(Usually we do not configure these components on this system, but we can customize if you if you need.)

  • Battery Charger: The refrigerator/freezer has a battery charger that can be used to charge the battery. The battery charger can also operate the unit when 110 &220 volt AC electricity is available.

  • Solar Panel Bracket: used for solar panel installation

  • Battery Tank: used for battery storage.

DC Fridge Parameter:


128L (freezer or Fridge)




exterior rotor structure



Input Voltage

DC 12V/24V;AC by adapter

Max Current


Input Power


Power Consumption


Foaming Material


Temperature controller


Body Color

White, Silver, Yellow etc

Product size


Packing Size



G.W.:38kg   N.W.:35kg