500L Solar Powered Freezer

New Light solar freezer has A++ energy efficiency class, the optimal electronic control and RPM control of the compressor, it ensures that the energy is used extremely efficiently.

Product Details

Product Name: 500L Solar Powered freezer
Model NO.: BD/BC-500
Solar powered freezers run on energy directly provided by solar power, and includes photovoltaic panels, solar controller, battery and DC refrigerator or freezer, used to keep perishable goods such as meat and dairy cool in hot climates, also beer & beverage cool in car and camper, commonly used in the developing world to help mitigate poverty, supplement the lack of electricity and energy conservation.

We once exported the 500liter solar freezer to Solomon.

In Solomon, the current national strategy to build costly "fisheries centres" with landing sites and storage facilities around the country,so many fishers try to use solar powered freezers to store fish and other perishable foods, and solar powered freezers are becoming cheaper and more available - they could be set to transform remote Pacific island food systems.

Main Components

DC freezer

500L freezer3

Solar Panel

2 solar panels



Charge Controller


Cable and Connectors

cable and connector1

Optional Components

Battery Box

battery box1

Solar Panel Bracket

solar panel bracket1

DC Freezer Parameter: