200L Solar Medical Vaccine Freezer

Solar Vaccine Freezer solve a critical problem in the vaccine cold-chain by using solar power technology,have holdover time of 3 days at 43°C (110°F),are the most reliable vaccine storage solution available on the market today,specially in remote and under-developed areas around the world that have limited or no access to an electric power grid.

Product Details

Product Name: 200L Solar Powered Vaccine freezer
Model NO.: BD/BC-200V

Product Details

In rural parts of Africa, vaccines need to be kept cold spoil due to a lack of refrigeration. The problem is that a large number of people live in remote places that lack electricity.

Solar vaccine refrigerators incorporate low voltage (12 or 24v) dc compressors and motors, rather than mains voltage ac types. A solar refrigerator has higher levels of insulation around the storage compartments to maximize energy efficiency, a battery bank for electricity storage, a charge controller which converts the power from the battery to a form required by the compressor motor.

New Light supplies the quality solar refrigerators which have been approved by the FAO( Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) for vaccine cold chain storage.

New Light 168 liter solar refrigerator ensure vaccines are safely stored and can reach those most in need in remote locations of Somalia and Kenya.

A good vaccine refrigerator should be able to maintain correct internal temperatures for at least ten hours in the event of being disconnected from the battery and solar array,also can work in +43°C ambient temperature,New Light 110mm thickness solar refrigerators can do it.


1. The product using ambient temperature 5~43ºC

2. Insulation thickness shoud be 110mm.

2. Forced air cooling system designed to provide stable and uniform chamber temperature
3. LCD temperature display to read the visual temperature
4. Keeping inside temperature at 2~8ºC,in the condition that ambient temperature is 43ºC power outage for 3 days,safe for vaccine storage
5. CFC-Free Refrigerant

Technical Data:

Available Capacity 208L
Freezer volume 208L
Load temperature -25℃
Outer rotor compressor 35DC
Refrigerant R134a
Input voltage DC12/24V
Input power 60W
Foaming Cyclopentane
Product size 1105×675×840mm
Dimension 1130×730×870mm
G.W./N.W. 54kg/59kg
Loading-Units 40'HQ 96pcs
Quality of machine one years
Quality of compressor three years
Insulation thickness 110mm

Project (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)  

110mm freezer5