247L Solar Medical Vaccine Fridge

Solar Vaccine Fridge solve a critical problem in the vaccine cold-chain by using solar power technology,have holdover time of 3 days at 43°C (110°F),are the most reliable vaccine storage solution available on the market today,specially in remote and under-developed areas around the world that have limited or no access to an electric power grid.

Product Details

Product Name: 247L Solar Powered Vaccine fridge
Model NO.: BD/BC-247V

1. The product using ambient temperature 5~43ºC
2. Forced air cooling system designed to provide stable and uniform chamber temperature
3. LCD temperature display to read the visual temperature
4. Keeping inside temperature at 2~8ºC,in the condition that ambient temperature is 43ºC power outage for 110 hours,safe for vaccine storage
5. CFC-Free Refrigerant

Technical Data:

Available Capacity 247L
Freezer volume 247L
Load temperature -25℃
Outer rotor compressor 45DC
Refrigerant R134a
Input voltage DC12/24V
Input power 70W
Foaming Cyclopentane
Product size 1105×675×940mm
Dimension 1130×730×970mm
G.W./N.W. 60kg/66kg
Loading-Units 40'HQ 88pcs
Quality of machine one years
Quality of compressor three years
Insulation thickness 110mm

Project (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)  

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