60W Smart Solar LED Street Lamp

Mobile Bluetooth APP Functions: Smart Phone Control Data loading Turn on/off Setup program

Product Details

Model NO.: IN-260
The integrated solar LED street lamp is an intelligent outdoor lighting system that provides powerful lighting into an all-in-one compact package and is easy to install. During the day the highly efficient solar panel collects energy from the sun and stores that power in the advanced lithium battery. At night the powerful LED's automatically turn on providing ambient light for all to enjoy.

Solar Panel
High efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel, photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 20%. Average conversion efficiency is 17% in china, compared to our cells are used are top quality, its lifespan is 25 years.
Electronic technology and R & D is our strength, the controller is also developed by our engineer team. Controller stability and functionality is the leading level in the industry occupy. Our controller's conversion efficiency can reach 95%, controller average efficiency only have 60% -70% in china market, our controller’s lifespan is 10 years.
Lithium Battery
We use the lithium iron phosphate battery, environmentally friendly, light weight, be set up to inside of lights to avoid been stolen, security, heat treatment, its lifespan is more than 5 years.
LED Chips
Lamp LEDs: the United States Bridgelux 45ML, one piece led chip lumen is 150LM, the whole lamp lumen can reach 120LM, add high efficiency lenses and acrylic board to protect the lights, its lifespan more than 10 years,3 years warranty.
Material for Lamp Body
Aluminum alloy shell, stainless steel bracket, solid and stable to prevent rust, life of more than 10 years, 3 years warranty.

Control & Lighting modes
Light control, Motion sensor, Time control.

1.Light control: light control is when it is dark the lights will automatic turn on and dawn automatically turn off the lights. 
Theory: Dawn, when the sun light intensity is greater than 100cd, the solar panels began to photoelectric conversion, while the battery is charged. In the evening, when the sun light intensity is less than 100cd, lights will be automatically turned on.
2. Motion sensor: the human body sensor means that when the lights on, people passing from light, the lamp sensor parts can be sensed, so the brightness of the lamp will become strong, and can last 20-30 seconds, people leave the lights, the brightness of the lamp becomes weak.
3. Time control: control the lighting mode at different time, control lighting time and light off time.
4. Lighting mode: the general situation is: before midnight, when people pass the light, it is 100% power; no people pass through, the light is 50% power. After midnight, when the people pass through the lights, it is 60%. No one pass, the lamp is 30% power (we can customize according to customer requirements).

Newest Technology---Mobile Bluetooth APP

Functions: Smart Phone Control   Data loading   Turn on/off   Setup program


1. The lamp can be forced to turn on or off.
2. Manually set the rainy days, and adjust the brightness of the lamp.
3. If the settings are not correct, you can restore the factory settings as original.
4. In case of light could not work, you can read data on the phone to check which parts need maintenance.
5. Control the lighting mode at different time, control lighting time and light off time.
6. Data can be synchronized with local time, will record real-time for working, record the lamp installation time, the time of failure to facilitate future maintenance work.
Phone APP function help us to use lights convenient and good for after-sales maintenance.
More important, it can help us to receive the balance of payment, because you can use mobile phone app to turn off the lights until you received full payments from your customers. 

Technical Data



Solar panel Max power

18V/70W  (Mono silicon   Solar Cell)

Solar panel Life time

25 years

Battery Type

12V/36AH  lithium   battery(Life time 5 years)

LED Max Power

12V 50W

Led Chip Brand

Bridgelux from USA with high   brightness

Lumen (LM):


LED Life Time


Lighting Viewing Angle


Charge Time(by sun)

6-7hours (with enough strong   shine)

Lighting Time

3-5 rainy days (10-12hours   per day)

Working TEMP( ºC )


CCT (k)


Mounting Height(m):


Space Between Light(m)


Lamps Material

Aluminium alloy


CE / ROHS / IP65


3 years